It is always the employer’s duty to ensure that the members of their staff are protected in a work environment. This is the case in any work sector, including farming roles. 

There are various hazards and dangers that can be applicable to people working in such environments. This is why adequate safety procedures must be taken to avoid a farm accident. 

If you feel that your employer has demonstrated negligence that has led to your personal injury, you may have the right to make a compensation claim. 

Following a workplace accident, you should get in contact with a member of the Valerie Kearins team. As one of the leading law firms in Sligo, you can be assured the best service from our personal injury solicitors.

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What is a farm accident claim?

A farm accident claim is when you seek compensation following a farming accident caused by employer negligence. In such working spaces, these accidents can occur easily without the correct responsibilities being conducted. 

Statistics from a survey by the Agriculture and Food Development Authority conducted in 2023 understand that over 4,500 farm accidents occur annually. 

Following a successful farm accident claim, you will be rewarded with financial compensation. This can help to keep you financially secure, fund medical bills and cover other crucial costs. 

Our team has experience when it comes to work injury claims, so you can have peace of mind you are getting the best advice.

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Common farm accident compensation claims

A farm accident claim can occur as a result of a number of different circumstances. Some of the common farm accident claims include:

  • Manual handling claims
  • Personal protective equipment claims
  • Vehicle negligence claims
  • Animal negligence claims
  • Slip, trip or fall claims

Manual handling claims

Working as a farmer or on a farm site, it is important that you are properly trained before conducting any professional duties. This is known as manual handling training. 

Failure to provide training for members of staff would be considered employer negligence. Without adequate training, duties cannot be conducted safely, thus potentially resulting in injuries. 

If you feel that you have suffered an injury due to the fact an employer fails to provide proper training, speak to one of our legal experts today.

Personal protective equipment claims

There are significant hazardous materials, risks and opportunities for accidents on a farm. This is why an employer must provide employees with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). 

If an injury you have endured has been worsened or could have been prevented with the correct PPE, then this is considered workplace negligence and you have the right to make a farm accident claim.

Vehicle negligence claims

Should you be injured by a vehicle while operating in the workplace, you may have the right to make a claim. 

You can claim compensation if someone was operating the vehicle in a negligent way, you were not provided training on how to operate the vehicle or if the vehicle is deemed faulty and unsafe. 

These are a common form of farming accident claims, so make sure to make a claim if negligence was involved.

Animal negligence claims

It is not uncommon for workers on a farm to have to deal with animals. However, only people who have been trained to do so should be working with farm animals. 

Without proper training, guidance or supervision, a farm animal can cause significant injuries to employees. Any farm workers injured under these circumstances should pursue a legal remedy for the situation.

Slip, trip or fall claims

A common workplace injury claim is in relation to a slip, trip or fall. These can occur from falling objects, hazardous surfaces or equipment not being secured or stored properly. 

Significant injuries can arise as a result of these agricultural accidents. This can include the likes of broken bones, slipped discs and concussions.

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Compensation for a farm accident claim

Anyone who has suffered a farming injury due to the negligence of their employer has the right to make a farm accident claim. 

Farm accident claims can vary in terms of how much compensation you may receive. Once the solicitor working on your case understands more about your claim, they can provide a better estimate of how much you may receive. 

Your compensation for a work accident claim will be made up of general, specific and material damages.

You will receive compensation for the overall negligence you have suffered. This is considered to be your general damages. 

General damages can include: 

  • Loss of amenity 
  • Time lost 
  • Pain and suffering

You will be compensated for any out-of-pocket expenses you face due to the farm accident you have endured. These are considered to be your specific damages. 

Specific damages can include: 

  • Medical costs 
  • Loss of income/future income 
  • Care costs

Any material damages that you own that are damaged due to a farming accident can be included in your compensation claim. These are considered to be your material damages. 

Material damages can include: 

  • Personal work equipment being damaged 
  • Personal items such as phones being damaged 

Your employer will be the liable party for any workplace injury claims you make.

Workplace injury claim

A workplace injury claim is when your employer has demonstrated negligence that has directly caused a personal injury or damages to a member of their staff. Examples of how this can occur include not keeping the workplace safe, not providing the proper training, or not having up-to-date equipment. 

A farm accident injury can result in a workplace injury claim. Although different things may lead to a farm accident injury, the process of making a claim is the same. 

The Unfair Dismissal Acts mean that an employee cannot lose their job for making a claim against their employer. This means if you are wrongfully terminated, you will be entitled to compensation.

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How to make a workplace injury claim for compensation

Valerie Kearins Solicitors are here to help you make a workplace injury claim. Follow these steps to make your farming accident claim:

Although it is possible to make personal injury claims on your own, you give yourself the best chance of success by enlisting the help of a legal professional. Our legal team can advise and guide you through the process, giving you the best outcome. 

By getting in touch today, you can begin the process of your personal injury claim.

Once you have provided details of the farm injury, your solicitor can then begin to collect the relevant evidence needed for a successful claim. 

When it comes to farming accident claims, witness reports, CCTV footage and third-party medical reports can be beneficial.

When the evidence has been gathered for the claim, an official submission of the letter will go to the personal injuries assessment board. 

The defendant can then either accept or reject the claim. If they accept, your claim has been successful and compensation will be awarded to you. 

If they reject the claim, your solicitor may make the decision to take the claim to court.

It is unlikely that a personal injury claim will result in court proceedings. However, your solicitor will only pursue this action when they feel it is the right decision in terms of the success of your claim.

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Steps following a workplace accident to improve your claim

There are a couple of things you can do in the immediate aftermath of a workplace accident to help improve your claim. Some of these things include:

  • Get witness statements
  • Get a doctor’s report
  • Get a police report (when required)
  • Obtain CCTV footage

Common injuries as a result of farm accidents

Personal injuries suffered due to a farm accident can often be significant. Although they may vary in severity, all farm injuries should be avoided at all costs. 

Common farm accident injuries may include:

  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries/slipped disc
  • Broken bones
  • Animal bites
  • Mobility problems
  • Cuts and bruising

These are just some of the injuries you may experience in a workplace due to employer negligence.

How long do you have to make a claim?

People looking to make a claim will have a legal time period of two years to do so. This two-year period begins when you first become aware of the injuries or damages you have suffered.

Make a claim today

No one should ever have to go to work and worry about suffering an injury. This is why it is important to get the compensation you deserve if you are in this unfortunate situation. 

If you have suffered serious injuries as a farm worker, then speak to one of our legal experts today. 

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