Attracting foreign investors in Ireland is integral to the growth of Irish firms and to the wider economy. Getting foreign investors from initial interest to solid investment involves plenty of hands-on work, and your solicitor is a critical player in the process. 

Recent government figures show around 20% of Irish private-sector employment is due to foreign investment in Ireland. A solicitor will play a significant role in getting that foreign investment in Ireland over the line and to have it working for all parties. 

The experienced solicitor will know the legislative routes to follow, the forms to complete and the government incentives. Crucially, a solicitor avoids the many potholes that can scupper a perfectly good foreign investment plan. 

The reassurance of having an experienced and available solicitor on board is a helping hand for all parties involved. Solicitors can provide legal expertise and guidance to both foreign investors and Irish companies looking for the investment. 

Valerie Kearins Solicitors handles your foreign investment in Ireland project with the skills of an experienced team along with the personal service our firm provides.

How is a solicitor vital to attracting foreign investment in Ireland?

A solicitor is vital to attracting foreign investment in Ireland because they have all the skills necessary to ensure everything goes to plan from start to finish. 

Attracting foreign investment and getting the investment into a firm can take time, patience, and a variety of skills. Many foreign investors pull out before completing a deal, and it may surprise you how late in the day this happens. 

It may also surprise you how the slightest hiccup can scupper a deal, or having the right person in the right place can make all the difference to saving one. 

The solicitor is often the person in the right place at the right time to secure the best deal for all involved. They can offer the assurance, backed up with experience and detailed knowledge, to steady the ship at just the right time. 

Knowing how and what a solicitor offers as part of attracting foreign investment in Ireland is key to understanding their role.

What is the role of a solicitor in attracting foreign investment in Ireland?

The role of a solicitor in attracting foreign investment in Ireland varies from giving legal advice to facilitating meetings and managing the regulatory compliance for businesses. 

Foreign investors and local businesses can use a solicitor for roles such as:

Advising on Irish law, especially company law, is an essential role for a solicitor to play when attracting foreign investment to Ireland. Who knows the law better than a solicitor, and who better to advise on legal issues than a solicitor? 

The solicitor advises on Irish law to both parties involved in investments. The local business will need to know the ins and outs of Irish law and that they follow all government regulations. 

The foreign investor is new to Ireland and our legal system. They will need the solicitor’s advice to protect their investment and ensure they are compliant with all local laws.

Assisting with structuring investments ensures that the foreign investor gets the most from an Irish foreign investment project. An experienced solicitor knows how to fashion an investment for tax purposes and to limit any liabilities. 

The solicitor will know what schemes to avail of and how to reduce a foreign investor’s exposure to taxes and charges.

Providing due diligence on potential Irish investments is a peace-of-mind service offered by solicitors to the investor who is wary of making the wrong decisions. 

The solicitor will thoroughly investigate a potential investment plan and see that the foreign investor is protected when investing in Ireland. 

Making the investor aware of any pitfalls and all the legal aspects of a deal is vital when looking to proceed with an investment in Ireland. 

Contract negotiations are a service a solicitor can carry out on behalf of clients, using their expertise to get the best deal possible for all involved. 

Negotiating a contract takes skill and can be very stressful. The solicitor can provide the legal stability necessary to ensure the foreign investor is protected by the law when bringing their money into an Irish project.

Compliance with Irish commercial regulations is essential if a foreign investment in Ireland is to succeed. 

The Irish solicitor will have an intimate knowledge of commercial regulations, such as in the 2014 Company Law Act, and how to stay within the law when doing business in Ireland. 

Many foreign investments in Ireland come undone due to falling foul of commercial regulations. A solicitor operating on the investor’s behalf can keep all parties within commercial law and contribute to the success of a project.

Handling property sales and lease agreements can cover everything from purchasing a factory to sourcing accommodation for those wishing to live in Ireland. 

A solicitor has the experience in buying and selling property, dealing with estate agents and in drawing up lease agreements or giving approval on proposed property contracts.

Advice on Irish employment law will help potential foreign investors in Ireland when beginning their recruitment processes.

Knowing employment regulations, salary obligations and how to hire and terminate employees can help settle a company into doing business in Ireland. 

The solicitor will have a deep knowledge of Irish employment law, how to apply for visas and all other employer compliance obligations.

Compliance with data protection laws is very strict in Ireland. The country is at the forefront of EU enforcement on data protection, and Ireland takes this role very seriously. 

The foreign investor will need to know how to follow the laws on data protection and keep in line with intellectual property rights both for licensing and protecting what their companies may produce.

Resolving any disputes is what a solicitor must be able to do daily for their foreign investment clients. A dispute can arise during investment negotiations, when finalising contracts or at other crucial times during the process. 

The solicitor can offer a level-headed approach to resolving disputes and work through mediation or even litigation on the foreign investor’s behalf. 

There is a solution to every dispute; a solicitor will find the best one for a client.

Accessing government funding and supports may not seem like a typical role for a solicitor, but one experienced in foreign investment in Ireland will know all there is to know. 

The Irish government offers many incentives, grants, and direct funding to help attract foreign investment in Ireland. 

A good solicitor will advise clients on what is possible with government supports and help them access everything available.

Compliance with Irish environmental laws ensures companies avoid fines and other restrictions enforced by government agencies. 

Irish environmental laws may be stricter than in other countries. Compliance with laws may cost money at the initial stages of development, and an investor should be aware of their obligations.

Informing clients on what is expected under Irish environmental law is a role the solicitor should take very seriously.

Managing all risks helps reduce the exposure of foreign investment clients to losses in the event of any unexpected bumps on the road during their time in Ireland. 

The solicitor will know from experience how to deal with issues in advance or how to negotiate with one that pops up out of the blue. 

The client’s interests are at the heart of everything the solicitor does, and it is a crucial part of protecting an investment in Ireland. 

Exiting the Irish market can happen at any stage of a foreign investment. It can happen at the end of a successful number of years or may be necessary before the investment is fully off the ground. 

When a client needs to finish their investment time in Ireland, it is essential they can do so with as much ease as possible. 

The solicitor will protect their client’s interests and make sure they get a clean break while making as much as possible from their foreign investment in Ireland.

A solicitor helps attract foreign investment in Ireland

A solicitor helps attract foreign investment in Ireland by advising the parties involved and acting in their client’s interests. 

An investment in a company involves risks but can be very rewarding. The company attracting foreign investment will be open to risks that could outweigh the benefits, but a solicitor can help make the investment a success. 

The solicitor can lessen the risks of the foreign investment process in Ireland for both the investor and the local business.

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